Micro Z Zeolite to Remove Heavy Metals and Toxins

Cleanse Your Body From Heavy Metals,
Chemical Poisoning & Environmental Toxins

Many conditions in today’s world are actually caused by industrial and medical technologies that the agencies that we put in place to protect us have deemed ‘safe’.

In addition to removing toxic heavy metals and other chemicals, zeolite tends to raise overall pH with higher alkalinity. It’s been (arguably) strongly established throughout all medical worlds that low body pH or acidity is the “stagnant water” that attracts pathogens to flourish as well as creating an unusual type of cellular metabolism called cancer.

Zeolite also helps you eliminate radiation poisoning, another increasingly ubiquitous menace throughout the world. The Russians gave zeolite freely to children who were exposed to Chernobyl’s radiation from that reactor’s disastrous meltdown.

Some people are concerned with zeolite’s technical description as a porous crystalline aluminosilicate. However, the aluminum in zeolite is bound with silica. Unbound free aluminum is toxic, but bound within a compound molecular structure it’s harmless. Instead, it removes unbound aluminum toxins from the body.

Also, beneficial minerals such as magnesium are not attracted to zeolites. So one will not have beneficial minerals depleted from the body detoxing with zeolite.

Many individuals who have tried using zeolite in rock powder form have obtained a sense of improved health, well-being, and mental clarity as the root causes of illness are addressed instead of masking symptoms.



Mercury-Laden Vaccinations
Commercial Seafood
Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings



Irradiated Produce
X-rays  or CT scans
Airport Full body scans
Fukushima – Pacific seafood


Lead-based Paint
Leaded Gasoline
Lead Water Pipes
Plumbing Solder with Lead
Lipstick with Lead
Lead Soldered Jewelry
Toys from China


Aluminum Cookware
Aluminum Food Cans
Aluminum Soda Cans
Aluminum Foil


Fluoridated Water
Fluoride Toothpaste

Micro-Z Zeolite is a blessing.
My blood pressure has
normalized and my body has
started to reverse diabetes.
Praise God!
Bishop M.L. Jackson
Hinesville, GA

I had uncontrollable high blood pressure. I would go to the doctor weekly to check and adjust my medication.
After taking Micro-Z Zeolite for four days, I returned to the doctor for my weekly blood pressure check.
The Doctor checked then rechecked. He was shocked He told me that my blood pressure is like a “teenage boy!”.
They took a sample and my medical report and forwarded it to the University of Wisconsin.

Mr. Allan
Wausau, Wi.
October 2014.

Update: June, 2015
“I lost 20lbs and am no longer a diabetic”





After having a stroke, my left side became limp. I started taking Micro Z Zeolite for two weeks and my left side has regained strength.

Mrs. Houavang, St Paul, MN November 2014

Introducing Micro Zeolite - MicroZ

 Detoxification made simple

The Truth about Zeolite

You’ve found this site because you’ve heard about Zeolite and want to know more.

Our Scientifically Proven Micronized Zeolite, Micro Z (Zeolite) is a breakthrough supplement that works at the cellular level by trapping heavy metals, toxins and safely removes them from your body.

Micro Z Zeolite product is mined, manufactured and processed solely in the United States of America. Our Zeolite is tested and proven to be the purest and cleanest in the Northern Hemisphere. Our Zeolite is a nutraceutical grade supplement, 100% natural and organic. No odor and no taste.


Zeolites form in nature as a result of the chemical reaction between volcanic emissions and saline water. Temperatures favoring the natural reaction range from 27°C to 55°C, and the pH is typically between 9 and 10. This combination of Natural Requirements is very rare and nature requires 50 to 50,000 years to complete the reaction.

Naturally occurring zeolites are rarely phase-pure and are contaminated to varying degrees by other minerals [e.g. Fe++, SO4-, quartz, other zeolites, and amorphous glass]. Micro-Z Zeolite is the Purest that can be found anywhere. We Guarantee it. We Mine it ourselves here in North America and test it for purity. Don’t settle for African or Australian. Buy American. Buy Purity. Buy Micro Z Zeolite.

What you should know about Zeolites

You’ve probably heard about Zeolites by now and their increasing use in commercial purposes.

Zeolites were first discovered by a Swedish mineralogist and baron called Axel Fredrik Cronstedt back in 1758, who also coined the term. However, this discovery was only from a scientific point of view, since Zeolites were used throughout the history by people all over the world.

Zeolites are naturally-occurring clay-like compound that derives from volcanic earth structures. Chemically, Zeolites are hydrated alumino-silicate minerals, essentially similar to clay minerals. What this basically means is that they contain water in between the molecules of aluminum and silicate.

Types of zeolites

There are many types of Zeolites, but they are most commonly divided based on the way they are produced. Zeolites can be produced either from natural raw materials, or from synthetic raw materials.

Natural raw Zeolites are usually mined using open pit mining techniques. This type of Zeolite is derived from kaolinite clays found in some parts of central Europe, in the UK, Japan, China, as well as in some parts of the USA. There are around 50 types of naturally-occurring Zeolites, including analcime, atrolite, heulandite, phillipsite, and many others.

However, Zeolites sold for commercial purposes are produced synthetically. All natural minerals contain impurities, so the end-product also contains some unwanted residues. Synthetic Zeolites, on the other hand, due to its special production process are more pure, which is why they are more beneficial for human consumption than its naturally occurring counterpart. There are about 150 types of synthetic Zeolites.


Thanks to their chemical structure, Zeolites are used for a variety of purposes. Zeolites contain water trapped in the empty spaces between the molecules of aluminum and silica. This enables other molecules similar to water to pass in between those spaces as well, and act as a natural sieve or filter. That’s why Zeolites are most commonly used in agriculture, soap and detergent production, and for human consumption.

In agriculture, Zeolite is applied to soil to improve its ability to retain water and necessary nutrients, which consequently improves plant growth. In the long-term, Zeolites are said to improve the overall soil quality and crop production.

Zeolites are also commonly used in manufacturing of soap and detergents.

Zeolites can also be used in household for pet litter. The gaps in their crystalline structure help trap the unwanted molecules of odor and liquid, and so they act as a natural odor eliminator.

Because of their unique chemical structure, Zeolites are said to be beneficial to human (and animal) health. Carefully produced synthetic Zeolites are used as a detox agent, and even in treatment of some more serious illnesses such as cancer.

Zeolite as a supplement for detox purposes is usually micronized to make it more clean and efficient. Micronized Zeolites are safe for human consumption because they are free of any impurities such as mold that can be found in natural Zeolites.

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The Company’s Goal:  


Micro Z Zeolite product is mined, manufactured and processed solely in the United States of America.
Our Zeolite is tested and proven to be the purest and cleanest in the Northern Hemisphere. By USDA and by independent labs.
Our Zeolite is a nutraceutical grade supplement, 100% natural and organic with no odor and no taste.

Micro Zeolite Overview


Testimonials Validate The Efficacy of MicroZ


Supplementation with activated Zeolite suspension helps remove heavy metal toxins due to chronic, employment-related exposure (WV Coal Miner Study.)


Where does Zeolite Come From?

Zeolite is a naturally forming microporous, aluminosilicate mineral combination that is found in rock deposits around the world.


Many heavy metal toxins within the environment are the direct result of industrial waste release, resulting in soil and water pollution. Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, nickel, and cadmium have absolutely no safe level within the human body. The accumulation of these toxins in fat cells, bones, glands, brain, hair or the central nervous system frequently results in detrimental health effects.

They act in the body like free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive particles that can cause damage to body tissues. Often people do not realize that they are routinely being exposed to these toxins. Industrial workers are constantly exposed to toxic chemicals while working. Arsenic exposure is a hazard for oil refinery workers, tanners, and insecticide/herbicide sprayers, resulting in a high risk of lung and skin cancer. Individuals that are exposed to asbestos toxicity (brake mechanics, demolition experts, etc.) exhibit a high occurrence of lung cancer. Formaldehyde is also a chemical that many are constantly in contact with even though most people are aware of its danger. Individuals that manufacture wood products, in addition to hospital and laboratory staff are regularly exposed to formaldehyde. Even school biology labs use Petri dishes containing formaldehyde that students use for experiments. Alarmingly, even the new car smell that so many people associate with luxury is the result of formaldehyde discharged from seat and carpet fabric into the air we breathe.

Carcinogens that are found in the workplace that include benzene, diesel exhaust, hair dyes, synthetic fibers, painting materials and others have all been linked with various cancers when individuals are routinely exposed to it. Job related carcinogen exposure is estimated to cause 12% of all cancers.

In addition, exposure to environmental chemicals in and around toxic dump sites has been shown to be synonymous with high breast cancer mortality rates. There is an assortment of environmental chemicals capable of mimicking estrogen in the human body which is believed to contribute to many cases of breast cancer. In 1983, an alarming 420 toxic chemicals were detected in human tissue including breast milk, adipose tissue, liver and blood. Just image what the numbers are today!

Zeolite for Water Toxins & Nuclear Radiation

Tap water polluted with contaminants that include heavy metals such as lead, in addition to virulent microorganisms, chlorine, fluoride and industrial wastes has become a major health hazard in North America. Public water systems are often in violation of federal standards for tap water and fail to provide consumers with information on their tap water. Research has determined that exposure to contaminated water further raises the risk of developing cancer and other detrimental health effects. Disturbingly, nothing is being done about the problem.

Furthermore, working and/or living near a nuclear power plant also presents a cancer risk. Radioactive gases released into the air from nuclear plants returns to the earth in rainfall, contaminating both our water supply and soil. This pollution easily makes its way up the food chain and into our grocery cart. Many are unaware of their exposure to dangerous carcinogens in foods. According to Dr. Ernest Sternglass, a professor of Radiation Physics at the University of Pittsburgh, chronic exposure to these contaminated products “may be the single largest factor in the increases incidence of most forms of malignancies since 1945”.

Zeolite for Mercury Toxicity

Mercury is a known carcinogenic heavy metal toxin that is capable of impairing immune function and creating blockages in the autonomic nervous system. Mercury amalgams, comprising of 51% of silver dental fillings, has been found to be the main source of mercury exposure in individuals and is found at a concentration that is 6 times higher than that found in seafood.
Alarmingly, mercury vapors are continuously released from amalgam fillings, whereby it is either inhaled or ingested by the individual with the dental fillings. It is then converted by the body into an organic form known as methymercury. Methylmercury can cross the blood-brain barrier and is associated with the occurrence of Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and autism. These highly reactive particles have been shown to damage arterial linings and ganglia.
As previously discussed, the pollution in water sources due to heavy metals is on the rise and mercury contamination in these areas is no exception. Four of the five Great Lakes are covered with methylmercury and with any water pollution, it is finding its way up the food chain and imbedding itself in our bodies.

With all of these toxins contaminating the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the environment we live and work in, what can be done to counteract these effects? What can we do to live healthy lives without living in fear of what invisible poisons we have around us?

Zeolite – A Heavy Metal Adsorbent

Zeolite has been found to be an effective heavy metal adsorbent that directly targets impurities within the body and effortlessly removes them.

ManResearchers have found that the main threats to human health are in the exposure of mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic. Extensive studies have been undertaken on these metals and their effects on health are regularly reviewed by well known organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO). Fortunately, studies have shown that zeolite has a tremendous ability to trap these heavy metals by a cation exchange process, thereby reducing heavy metal toxicity within individuals. This process reduces the risk of developing heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Interestingly, zeolite even appears to remove toxins in a hierarchial order. Within the first few weeks of administering zeolite, heavy metals are removed, with secondary priority toxins such as pesticides, herbicides and plastics following suit. Because zeolite is available through the Wolfe Clinic in both liquid and capsular form, invasive methods such as Chelation Therapy are no longer necessary. Heavy metals can now be safely and effectively removed without any discomfort.